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Real Estate Basics for the Healthcare Industry

Everyone owns a house or leases an apartment, but does that mean they have the knowledge to assess the pros and cons of alternative real estate opportunities?  This short overview course introduces healthcare administrators to the terminology of real estate, the different types of real estate occupancy (yes, there are more than two alternatives), and the risk and control profiles of each occupancy type.


RE-ADVISORS brings its expertise to you. These workshops are designed for administrators with limited real estate experience, but the programs can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific interests.  One and one-half hours in length, these programs are perfect for a staff retreat or in-house training program.  For more information contact:

Evaluating Healthcare Real Estate Opportunities

Location, location, location.  The most important attribute of any real estate opportunity is its location.  What are the other important factors to consider when evaluating real estate?  Are there factors unique in their importance or characteristics to a particular institution or need?  Learn how to develop an analytical framework for evaluating real estate opportunities tailored to your organization’s needs.

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Real Estate Insights for the Healthcare Industry

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