About Carol Levin

Carol Levin, principal and founder of RE-Advisors, has been sharing her knowledge of real estate with the healthcare industry since 1994. Recognizing that changes in healthcare were forcing hospitals to venture away from their campuses and into the community, Carol established New England’s first healthcare real estate consulting firm, RE-Advisors (previously Health Realty Advisors), to offer real estate expertise to hospitals and healthcare networks.

With 24 years of experience as a consultant to both community and major teaching hospitals, Carol continues to guide and assist healthcare organizations in thinking strategically about real estate. Carol helps her clients to define goals and priorities for their real estate assets, establish relevant metrics and parameters, and then apply them to evaluate their existing portfolios and future transactions. She has led the way in showing healthcare organizations how to benefit from the best in corporate real estate practices and in guiding them in adopting powerful lease administration systems and data analytics.

Carol is valued for the depth of knowledge and understanding she brings to healthcare real estate and her expertise in structuring and negotiating complex real estate transactions. As a fee-for-service business agent, Carol is frequently relied upon to supplement an organization’s in-house capacity to negotiate highly complex transactions.

Prior to founding RE-Advisors, Carol spent over a decade in the field of commercial real estate finance, working for both institutional and private investors. Carol holds both a B.S. and M.B.A. from Cornell University.

Carol lives in Brookline, MA, where she shares her zeal for strategic planning in her volunteer activities with the Town of Brookline and as a member of its Economic Development Advisory Board.